keeps my mind

Memory loss is often one of the first signs of dementia. Most people with dementia remember earlier memories more clearly than recent events. This is because memories tend to decline in reverse order compared to the time they were experienced. However, as the condition progresses, even these long-term memories will eventually decline.

MEMENTO provides a solution to help people with dementia or cognitive impairment to live with a decline of memory. It improves the quality of life by supporting the management of daily activities, which are usually affected by the loss of memory and cognition.

MEMENTO compromises the following key innovations:

  • Following a "design for all" approach, Memento is a product, which is easy to understand in everyday life.
  • Memento consists of two parts, which are simple to use, consistent and useable on their own.
  • Memento stimulates users to set up a regular routine helping them to feel more secure and helps to remember important appointments.
  • Memento can be provided as a package as well as in parts on its own for an affordable price in the consumer segment.