keeps my mind

28 May 2019

To refine the system requirements and to include end-users and caregivers in the ongoing design process, a “User Experience Workshop” has been performed. We organized two workshop in Austria and Italy with the aim to better define the hardware design and user interface (UI). The workshop started with the presentation of the status quo of the project and so-called mock-up models for the main device and the smart watch. Afterwards, small teams were formed involving one user and his/her caregiver, an UI designer or hardware designer and an observer to examine these hardware models considering different use cases: Medication, Appointments, Getting Ready, Shopping, Lost Outside, Lost Inside as well as Panic. Each team discussed scenarios involving the use cases, to make sure the feedback was tied to concrete situations and a technical questionnaire. Furthermore, probable uses of the system and their relevance to the participants were discussed. Finally, a final plenum discussion directed to more general questions was performed. Apart from usability feedback, the main results concerned the size and style of the watch to avoid stigmatization and the material choice for the cover of main device. We received also suggestions and ideas in terms of the interface design.

End-User Workshop 01

End-User Workshop 02