keeps my mind

01 May 2019

"Dementia monitoring" is a feature that allows users to monitor their communication abilities through an activity that stimulate the spontaneous speech. The aims are to stimulate the autobiographical memory and to monitor the cognitive impairment progression eliciting spontaneous speech by means of questions and personal photos of different periods of life (e.g. “Tell about a happy holiday”; “Tell about your occupation”; “What did you remember about this event?”; “What you want to tell to young generations?”).

Memento could propose the sequence of the stimuli as a game at fixed time (e.g. every month) and could calculate different indexes generated from semantic analysis based on statistically significant variations in the semantic content (lexical richness) of spontaneous speech measured using Type-Token Ratio, Brunét’s Index, and Honore Statistic Statistic. Four users and their caregivers were involved in a workshop with the aim to explore the opinions of the participants to a model of the app.

At now, the 1st prototype of DM app has been delivered but still not tested. Now, we are working in order to clarify the assignment of tokens to each patient, to upload of audio files in the server, to design the caregiver interface features needed to support the flow. The objective is to be ready by the end of July for tests and include the DM app in the Field trials scheduled for September.